Are there any awards or recognition for luxury architects in sydney?

The NSW Architecture Awards celebrate excellence in architectural design in New South Wales. It's also an excellent way for architects to receive recognition from the public and their peers. It is also an excellent way for architects to receive public and peer recognition for their projects and helps the Institute to promote architects and architecture in New South Wales, in Australia and internationally. The Houses Awards, presented by Houses magazine, are an annual program that celebrates the best residential projects in Australia.

Excellence is awarded in nine categories, and the best house receives the top Australian House of the Year award. The Houses award is one of Australia's most coveted awards for residential works. In addition to “Best Luxury Condominium Interior Design” (dwp), it has also been awarded the “Best Smart Building Design”, “Best Luxury Condominium Architectural Design” and “Best Luxury Condominium Development” awards. The restoration and conservation of the Bondi Pavilion, by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects, transforms a beloved but aging Sydney icon into a series of charming and functional public spaces, meeting the community and civic needs of this famous beachside destination.

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