What are the main principles of sustainable development?

Social sustainability incorporates the idea of sustainable development as defined in the United Nations sustainable development goals. The term “sustainability” should be considered as humanity's objective objective to achieve balance between humans and ecosystems, while “sustainable development” refers to the holistic approach and to the temporal processes that lead us to the endpoint of sustainability. In other words, the balance between environmental protection and development activities can only be maintained if the principle of sustainable development is strictly observed. These objectives may respectively be referred to as economic, environmental and social objectives of the principle of sustainable development.

Scope of the scope of sustainable development The concept of sustainable development, as stated by the President Mrs. Finally, if sustainable development has to move from mere illusions and the slogan to become reality, the world (developed and developing) as a whole must move towards a new world order in which new economic and technological orders are harmonized. The Secretary General, Kofi-Annan, had identified five areas for the applicability of the principle of sustainable development. The sustainability of society depends on the availability of quality health, employment and education.

Therefore, these principles must necessarily be followed in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development. Environmental sustainability, as described by Dunphy, Benveniste, Griffiths and Sutton (2000), emphasizes how companies can achieve positive economic results without damaging the environment in the short or long term. Human sustainability encompasses the development of human skills and capacity to support the functions and sustainability of the organization and promote the well-being of communities and society. The recognized principle of sustainable development for the protection and improvement of the environment has been unanimously accepted by the countries of the world as a strategy that responds to the needs of the present without depriving future generations of their right to available natural resources.

Sustainable production and consumption are also a vital aspect of sustainable development, since, like the zero-waste movement, it focuses on creating a circular life cycle for consumable products, creating a minimum of waste. Last but not least, if the principles of sustainable development are followed, the protection of the environment can definitely be maintained with the economic growth and industrial development of a country.

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