Are there any special regulations or laws that apply to luxury architects in sydney?

Equally important, the Institute aims to help the entire architectural profession do the same. Discrimination on the basis of gender is illegal. The Institute aims to continuously improve its operations and its approach to member participation and orientation, based on the principles of best practices. By taking a comprehensive and ethical approach, the Institute seeks to ensure that it engages fairly and fairly with all its members, staff and other stakeholders, regardless of their gender, in a positive, respectful and constructive manner.

However, legal restrictions on gender-based discrimination have been limited, in most practical cases, to cases of overt and intentional discrimination. Many systemic effects, often involuntary and largely invisible, continue to impact on women's participation and progress in the Australian workforce, and specifically in the architectural profession. The Architects Practice Act (Act) and its regulations are provided to licensees, candidates and members of the general public as a reference. All licensees and candidates to obtain the license must know the statutes and regulations of the California Board of Architects (Board) and must be familiar with and understand its provisions.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document, it has no legal effect. In the event of any difference or error, the law will prevail.

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